Friday, November 7, 2014

Queen of the Cheval Glass

Oh beauteous queen, 
with enfolded hands,
Guarding close time’s gift 
of crystalline grace,
That shows the swirling flux 
of time’s churning sands,
Which can grant youth or decay 
to any unnaturally divine face.
If nature, in her destructive delight,
 casts forward,
Holding you eternal, 
against the ravages of time,
Her reasons are that 
of time being reconquered
And disgrace imposed 
for the committing of a crime.
Be afraid, 
my looking glass queen, 
her dear treasure,
For she can only keep you 
for a short little while,
Her judgment will come, 
though it upsets her pleasure,
And despite her delays 
she will meet it in style.
Here, my dear queen,
 while your beauty falls to waste,

Time offers up in punishment, 
bitter humility for nature to taste.

Monday, December 6, 2010

All That Is You

All That Is You

Sister mine, your heart does weep,
but pity, nay, not even when you sleep,
for your strength is honed in troubled times,
not while you sit to speak in rhymes,
beyond the pain, above the sorrow,
where one day you will perch in all of your tomorrows,
the storm you weathered, which eroded your heart,
will be as nothing in the light of a brand new start,
but until such time when you are set free,
remember most that you are the key,
and never more do you walk alone,
nor my friend, do you have to atone
for others sins and wrongful deeds,
tis not your job to pluck the weeds.
If nothing else you hear in your haste,
remember while your life lays in waste,
that you are loved, oh yes, tis true,
you are loved for all that is you.



I am bound by the words,
which I can not say,
I am bound in your arms,
dancing, slow in gentle sway,
One word from your lips,
and I am yours to command,
and from me, offered up willingly,
is all that you demand.
One look from your eyes,
one touch of your hand,
brings me to my knees,
for no more can I stand.
Left breathlessly captivated,
I am enthralled by the sight,
of you standing before me,
offering up passionate delights.
One single moment,
in the space of a life,
hidden from censure,
behind a world full of strife,
Before you I stand,
naked and alone,
while tears stream down
with the wish to atone,
for a single moment stolen,
from time's eternal grace,
where all I perceive,
is the tender love on your face,
and all that I long for,
is you to embrace,
without word or censure,
leaving us in disgrace.
You, a single entity,
that calls to me near,
you, my dearest of friends,
that eternally I hold dear,
for you I will stand,
for you I will be,
all that you need,
as we drift out to sea,
for you alone, today,
your guide I will be,
the gentle hand to lead you,
through all that you see,
for you alone today,
I will be me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bound Together

Bound Together

I have loved you in times gone by,
in lives long past and now forgotten,
where once upon a twilight crescent,
laid before you, all of life's treasures begotten
offered up upon heaven's gleaming altar,
for you alone in gentle sway,
was the heart's truest love devoted,enshrouded,
a single tear drop to end the fray,
of life's chaotic motion,
drowned in voice, ungodly scream,
a gentle hand to guide you forth,
along fate's endlessly eternal stream.
And yet, still now you wander forth,
alone and blind, you can not see,
what stands before you beckoning,
without exception, unconditionally,
infinite love, beyond flesh's delights,
unbound in passion's siren call,
where lustful cravings beat upon the shore,
slowly eroding your internal wall.
But still it waits upon you patiently,
for eyes to open and be blind no more,
and still it calls for you eternally,
to rise above oceans and let yourself soar.
For once upon a time,
perpetuity did decree,
a single moment's awakening,
where in, one day, you will be free.

So hold on, in steadfast stoicism,
for you are not alone, along the pass,
though eyes be closed and heart encaged,
we stand as one in united mass,
hand in hand we walk,
though you do not yet perceive,
we are connected, eternally,
through heaven's gentle weave,
bound together upon a journey
few can truly conceive.
Sister, brother, father, mother,
friend and lover, too,
together we walk in unison,
together, it is me and you.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Am Me

I Am Me

I have walked through life
with many faces faceted...
to many masks to account...
some have been strong...
resilient and endearing...
some have been victims....
weak and afraid..
some have been beseeching,
with seduction's siren call,
while others have been nurturing,
full of love and tender compassion.

With many faces
have come many names...
titles by which I have gone...
Manipulator...Truth sayer...
but none of these alone
fits me to perfection..
none of these speaks
to who I am in totality.
They are merely names
to fit the faces faceted...
titles to fit the masks...

I am more than the
sum of my parts,
I am nothing and everything
I am me...
and that IS enough,
to stand proud about
in the face of a world
which labels a person
in singular terms.

I cry...
I smile...
I laugh..
I hurt...
I get angry...
I get sad..
I get frustrated..
I am me..
whatever that may be
in any given moment. ^_^

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Miracle

The Miracle

I sit alone in darkness
and all I see is ink stained black
as it swirls and twirls around me
like a shroud upon my back.

Lost in forlorn misery,
all I know right now is pain,
from all of my life's surrenders,
which slowly drive me insane.

Drowning in a torrential downpour
of tears shed for my plight,
in slow motion I am falling,
because I can not breach the night.

And to ease this painful burden,
which weighs forever upon my chest,
a blade of ritual splendor used
to cut away the pain that I must wrest.

Starved and often beaten,
and used by many more,
I huddle in the darkest corner,
as I sit upon an ashen floor.

And in this dark surrender,
as I wait upon my fate,
I cry out for heaven's bounty,
which may come much to late.

For I am lost to men who stand
and walk in the light of day,
and bound to a bleak twilight,
which whispers, "You can not get away."

So here I sit upon a soot covered floor,
withering away, slowly, into a husk,
a forgotten remnant unseen...unnoticed,
as I fade away with the dusk.

There is naught for me unto this world,
but the gentle surrender of eternity's kiss,
where in I lay me down to rest,
in death's embrace of infinite bliss.

So still I wait in quietude,
unmoving from my place,
as time entices me forward
into the land of eternal waste.

But suddenly a light appears,
luminescing upon my grave-cloths,
piercing through the enveloping veil,
of darkness woven of my woes.

It stands before me beckoning,
harkening me back to the living land,
where hope resides in plenty,
within every flesh and mortal hand.

And in abject confusion,
tears stream down from my eyes,
upon the burgeoning realization,
my wishes were not lies.

My prayers, whispered in hopelessness,
in the belief they went unheard,
were suddenly somehow answered,
without hearing a single word.

For there within that light,
was a promise written in stone,
one which transforms the molten heart,
as it whispers, "You are not alone."

And upon that day of surrender,
where I fell endlessly into the night,
a gentle hand taught me to remember,
that hope is ever within my sight,
if I choose to see
and open myself to it's love,
for it comes upon the wings
of the tenderest of eternal doves.

It stands in earnest patience,
as the ocean churns and beats upon the shore,
whether I turn to acknowledge its presence,
alone I am....never more.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Longing

The Longing

In the darkness, I could not see
the demon which was clawing at me,
crying out to rise in haste,
while leaving me in mortal waste,
because this thing, I could not let go,
untouched seeds I would not sow.

So instead it came in dreams,
endless halls of running to extremes,
while haunted...chased, I ran in fear,
with screams of terror no one could hear,
for only one could hear my call,
which echoed through the endless halls,
that thing that chased me endlessly,
into a corner where I could not flee.

And there I stood in terror's grip,
letting not a single breath slip,
as it came to stand before,
while I crouched upon the floor.
And to that unknown entity,
I would not raise my eyes to see.

So it took my face in hand,
and raised it high to see the land,
and to my mortal eyes behold,
before me stood a mirror old,
and in it's breadth, there I stood,
no longer concealed beneath a hood,
that left me breathlessly distraught,
running away from all that I am naught,
and instead it stood to wait,
beckoning me to embody my fate,
for there came arms of tender embrace,
bringing finality to the endless race,
that I had run until that time,
where now I stood enshrouded in the sublime.

From the depths of the darkness unknown,
where I came to stand alone,
to face a nightmare demon it seemed,
I found instead myself redeemed.
For what was unseen, I did embrace,
leaving the endless cycle in a state of grace.